Research Agents

The ‘Research Agents’ project is a ‘whole community’ approach which recruits children asagents of change.  Children, who choose to take on the mission, are trained as researchers to explore their own communities and find the objects, sounds, smells, signs, information and arts, then to categorise these into positive and negative ‘literacies’.  The children will then work with Inspire Rotherham to discover how these affect the people in their communities and find ways of turning things which are negative into positive, whilst making the things which are already positive stand out more.

Children then work with their community businesses, residents, families, Counsellors, other children and schools to make things happen.  Quick view of grassroots literacy project

This project helps the children to develop new skills (research, listening, speaking, reading, writing, oracy, presentation, confidence), and to be more aware of their own environment and how they can influence it.  The mission is exciting, interesting and eventful, whilst making a real difference to communities in, and around the school.

Roughwood School:  Roughwood yarnbombed its local area with volunteers and pupils from the school, supported by fabulous artists.  See some of the images below:

Children loved creating the ‘tree cosies’

A favourite word stitched and timeless

Tree bunting record – yarnbombed on mass

Fabulous work from the volunteers brightened up the community

Turning negative literacies into positive literacies